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The City of Collinsville is accepting applications for the positions of Lifeguards and Pool Manager. Applicants must have current Lifesaving Training and CPR Certification. Copies of these cards are required when applications are presented. You may apply in person at Collinsville City Hall, 106 N. 12th, or mail to Personnel Department, City of Collinsville, P. O. Box 730, Collinsville, OK 74021. Collinsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer. -- March 2006

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Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 22, 2006
"Pardon Our Dust"
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Collinsville Downtown, Inc. Press Release
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Subject: "Pardon Our Dust" Mini-Seminars

Streetscape: Problem or a Fact?

Those businesses that view the impending streetscape as a "problem", will themselves create their own problems when the time comes - a self-fullfilling prophecy of sorts. If it's raining outside (fact) and you don't want to get wet (problem), you take an umbrella with you to stay dry! There's no need to get upset when you turn a problem into a fact and have meaningful solutions at your disposal.

The "fact" is that streetscape work IS coming down the pike and savvy business owners must take advantage of this reality by taking those "construction lemons" and making them into profitable "streetscape lemonade!"

The Collinsville Main Street Program is providing a "Pardon Our Dust" mini-seminar about how we want to collaborate with our downtown merchants, and stakeholder, on how to effectively develop & manage a solution to plan, communicate, and to have fun with the realities of the streetscape work.

Come and Join Us for an informative look on how everybody can help "Pardon Our Dust!" Friday, March 31st at 6:15 p.m. at the City Hall.

Our presenter will be Oklahoma Main Street Center's Deputy State Director and Outreach & Training Specialist, Matthew Steven Weaver with the Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce.

Feel free to call Nancy Phelps, Program Director for any additional information at 371-5530.

Nancy Phelps
Program Director
Collinsville Downtown Inc.
PO Box 91
Collinsville, OK. 74021

First Mini-Seminar:
Friday, March 31st
6:15 p.m. at City Hall
Addressing TEA-21 Main Street Beautification Project Construction Later This Year