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July 26, 2006
Crimson Cadet 2006 Summer Preview
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CHS Band Will Perform
A "Carnival" Show
New Members Welcome
Students Report Aug. 1st
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As the Collinsville Crimson Cadet marching band readies itself for another season, expectations are once again high. When a band has a tradition that includes ten straight state championships, the staff always has to stay one step ahead of the competition. Developing an exciting and creative show idea is one of the key elements of a competitive marching program. This year the Crimson Cadet staff has come up with a show concept they believe will allow them to continue the band's success and remain competitive throughout their 2006 marching season.

This year's program is entitled "Carnival" and will be a musical and visual trip to an early 20th century carnival as they would have been in countless towns and cities across America at the time. All the music comes from "The Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens, an early 20th century French composer.

The first part will an introduction that will give the audience a feeling of seeing the carnival's train coming to town and watching them set up the attractions and rides. Also the introduction will invite the audience to enter and take in all the sights and sounds.

The second movement will depict the strongmen that would have astounded audiences with their amazing weightlifters showing off to a crowd of onlookers.

In the third movement, the show will focus on acrobats and contortionists that will wow the audience with grace and balance, rather than the stregth of the weightlifters. The music will highlight the tricks and skill of the performers as they dazzle the onlookers.

The Fourth part of our show takes us off of the midway and into the dark and mysterious tent of the fortune teller. With swirling and mystical music, helped along by a crystal ball, our fortune teller gazes into the future to tell you all that your heart could desire.

Leaving the fortune teller, the next stop is the funhouse. In the fifth movement, like in most funhouses, the audience is never sure of what is going to happen next. Reflection in mirrors don't look quite right and surprises are around every corner.

Finally, in the sixth part, the audience leaves after a day of fun and the carnival gears up for its big finale. As the crowd disperses the carnival rides are packed up, the performers gather their things, and the carnival heads off to the next stop on the tour.

The staff for the Crimson Cadets will be headed up by Mr. Ron Lewis, in his second year as the Director of Bands in Collinsville. Mr. Lewis will be assisted by Mr. Heath Miller in his third year as Assistant Director of Bands. Further assistance will be provided by: Mrs. Gina Lewis, colorguard; and Mr. Ron Legler, percussion. The music for the 2006 program will be arranged by Mr. David Gorham, and visual design will be by Mr. Buddy Ames.

No band program could succeed without good student leadership. This year's student leadership will be: Christine Blue, Chad Collins, Rachel Dirickson, Kyle Keith, Saxon Lewis, Rachel Nelson, Katie Sullivan, Kristen Whaley, and Brandice Williams. All student leadership members will need to report to the band room at 9am on July 31st for a leadership orientation.

All band students will need to report to the football stadium at 8am on August 1st for the beginning of summer rehearsals. This is different from in the past, ALL MEMBERS WILL REPORT ON AUGUST 1st! The schedule will be as follows:

August 1st-4th 8am-11am Marching rehearsal at football stadium
12pm-3pm Music rehearsal at band room
August 7th-11th 8am-11am Marching rehearsal at football stadium
12pm-3pm Music rehearsal at band room
August 14th-15th 5:30pm-8:30pm Marching rehearsal at football stadium

All rehearsals are mandatory for members of the marching band. Instruments will need to be at all marching and music rehearsals. Any new student, or returning students, who would like more information about the rehearsal schedule or any other question are encouraged to call the band room at 371-5959, Mr. Lewis at 914-2238, or Mr. Miller at 364-1462. We are looking forward to a great season and hope you can be a part of it!