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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Jan. 4, 2006
2006 (& 1983) Predictions
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What Do You Expect This Year
... For Collinsville?


Bart Schultheiss'
Predictions For 2006

(Schultheiss Insurance)

I think the outlook for Collinsville in 2006 is very good. The boom in new home construction is bringing a lot of new families to town. Because of the growing population, I think 2006 may be the year that we see some big-name fast food restaurants and some popular national and regional retail stores. This will be a boost to our tax base, which will enhance the city’s ability to serve the populace and to continue improving our infrastructure.

As always, convincing local residents to do their shopping in Collinsville is vital. But today it’s more difficult, because almost everything we used to drive to Tulsa for is now only five or six miles away in Owasso.

Collinsville has a lot to offer - an excellent school system, a progressive chamber of commerce, a close-knit business community, and a real hometown feel. I see a bright future for Collinsville.

Bart Schultheiss -- Jan. 2006

Note: Bob has retired and now spends lots of time watching grandkids at local sporting events while his son Bart runs the insurance business. -- Ted