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Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 25, 2006
CHS Track Teams
Tulsa 7 Conference Meet Results
(from April 22)
2006 CHS Girls Track Team (L-R) Back Row: Kelsi Holman, Mariah McElroy, Shelbi Coenen, Kelsi West, Abby Miller, Amber Allen and Sabrina Brown. Middle Row: Hillary Conyers, Kylie Pelizzoni, Jessica Dyer, Jordan Perkins, and Amanda Bolien. Front Row: Nicole Graham, Alex Atkinson and Rachel Morgans.
(Several others not in photos ... see results below)
2006 CHS Boys Track Team (L-R) Back Row: Matt West, Dalton Rasmussen, Aaron Thomas, Jeremy Young, Adam Harrell, and Ryan Smedley. Middle Row: Tyler Dunn, Anthony Graham, Dominic Iannapollo, Bryce Fulton, and C. Robb.Front Row: Trey Blisset, Cody Inbody and Cody Kite.
CHS Girls Track Won 4th Conference Championship In A Row
(at Glenpool Saturday April 22, 2006)

100 m dash – Kelsi West 4th, Rachel Morgans 6th

200 m dash – Jordan Perkins 2nd, Abby Miller 4th

400 m dash – Jessica Dyer 1st, Kylie Pelizzoni 2nd, Mariah McElroy 6th

800 m run – Kylie Pelizzoni 1st, Hillary Conyers 2nd

1600 m run – Hillary Conyers 2nd

3200 m run – Alex Atkinson 4th

100 m hurdles – Amanda Bolien 1st, Shelbi Coenen 5th

300 m hurdles – Amanda Bolien 1st, Kelsi West 6th

Long Jump – Jordan Perkins 2nd, Kelsi West 5th, Rachel Morgans 6th

High Jump – Kaycee Donelson 2nd, Lacey Koscheski 3rd

Shot – Katie Pelletier 3rd

Discus – Katie Pelletier 2nd, Addie Upky 4th

400 m relay – Rachel Morgans, Mariah McElroy, Abby Miller, Kelsi West – 4th

800 m relay – Amanda Bolien, Jordan Perkins, Jessica Dyer, Mariah McElroy – 1st

1600 m relay – Jessica Dyer, Jordan Perkins, Kylie Pelizzoni, Hillary Conyers – 1st

3200 m relay – Kylie Pelizzoni, Hillary Conyers, Alex Atkinson, Jessica Dyer – 1st

9th Grade Boys Finish Runner-Up At Conference Track Meet
(at Glenpool Saturday April 22, 2006)

100 m dash – Kyle Rush 5th

200 m dash – Cody Kite 5th

400 m dash – Adam Harrell 3rd

1600 m run – Matt West 1st, Bryce Fulton 4th

3200 m run – Matt West 1st , Bryce Fulton 2nd

High Jump – Dominic Iannapollo 2nd, Dalton Rasmussen 3rd, Adam Harrell 4th

Long Jump – Adam Harrell 4th, Kyle Rush 5th

400 m relay – Cody Kite, Dalton Rasmussen, Kyle Rush, Adam Harrell – 4th

1600 m relay – Dalton Rasmussen, Bryce Fulton, Kyle Rush, Matt West – 1st

3200 m relay – Dalton Rasmussen, Matt West, Bryce Fulton, Trey Blissit – 1st

CHS Girls Won 4th Conference Championship In A Row
Photos provided by the CHS Yearbook Staff and Conference Meet Results from Coach Anderson
8th Grade Boys Track Wins
Conference Championship

200 m dash – Meron Oakley – 2nd

400 m dash – Chris Dixon – 1st, Steven Majike 3rd

800 m run – Seth Marsh 1st, Colton Overholt 3rd

1600 m run – Seth Marsh 1st

110 m hurdles – Meron Oakley 1st, Jamarro Oakley 2nd

300 m hurdles – Jamarro Oakley 1st, Meron Oakley 2nd

Long Jump – Steven Majike 2nd

400 m relay – Colton Overholt, Jamarro Oakley, Meron Oakley, Chris Dixon – 1st

1600 m relay – Colton Overholt, Ethan Miller, Chris Dixon, Steven Majike – 1st

3200 m relay – Seth Marsh, Larry Thompson, Colton Overholt, Dylan Weabe – 1st

7th Grade Boys Track
Conference Runner-Ups

400 m dash – Tyler Lowe 1st, Joe Keith 4th

800 m run – Michael Yingst 3rd

1600 m run – Andrew Thompson 2nd, Michael Yingst 4th

110 m hurdles – Tyler Lowe 2nd, Brandon Creekmore 4th

300 m hurdles – Shane Douglas 1st, Andrew Thompson 2nd, Brandon Creekmore 3rd

Shot – Patrick Hunt 3rd

Discus – Patrick Hunt 4th

400 m relay – Tyler Lowe, Shane Douglas, Joe Keith, Trevor Rabbit – 3rd

1600 m relay – Tyler Lowe, Shane Douglas, Joe Keith, Brandon Creekmore – 3rd

3200 m relay – Michael Yingst, Braden Shackelford, Andrew Thompson, Jordan Borthick – 4th

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Junior High Results Below Also
7th Grade Girls

800 Meter Dash-Meghan Hawkins 2nd place

800 Relay – 5th Place-Meghan Hawkins,Jordan Berryman, Heather Smith, Sami Demaro

400 Relay – 5th Place-Meghan Hawkins, Heather Smith, Laci Anderson, Sami Demaro

Shot-Ashlynn West – 5th Place

400 Meter Dash-Beth Ruddle 5th

8th Grade Girls – Conference Champs

3200 Relay 1st Place
Jenny Dyer
Ricci Smith
Whitney McCall
Myranda Murphy

1600 Relay 1st Place
Jenny Dyer
Ricci Smith
Heather Creek
Myranda Murphy

800 Relay 4th Place
Laci Cook
H. Creek
Danielle Corzine
Jenny Henley

400 Relay 4th Place
Kayla Peugh
Danielle Corzine
H. Creek
Laci Cook

300 Hurdles
Brandi Green 1st
Jenny Henley 4th
Jordan Harding 6th

100 Hurdles -- Brandi Green 1st

1600 Meter Run
Myranda Murphy 1st
Whitney McCall 3rd
Heather Conyers 4th

800 Meter Run
Myranda Murphy 1st
Jenny Dyer 2nd
Ricci Smith 3rd

400 Meter Dash
Ricci Smith 1st
Jenny Dyer 2nd

High Jump
Kacey Mangrum 5th
Shelby Moore 6th