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Submitted Youth Soccer Report
For Games Played Sat. Oct. 8th

October 17, 2005
Collinsville, Oklahoma
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Kids From
6 and Under Through
16 and Under
Previous Coverage:
U6 The blue & white Bruisers, coached by George Schnell, took on the orange & black Rugrats, coached by Terry Jarrard. The captains for the Bruisers were Logan Schnell & Joyse Glass, and for the Rugrats they were Dayton Darland & Seth Weiser. Both teams played their hearts out and really gave it their all.

U6 The yellow & black Stingers, coached by Kerry Jackson, faced the ferocious green & black Gators, coached by Mike Royer. The captains for the Gators were Alexandria Royer and Corbin Williams. Both teams putting out a lot of effort and showing that there the best in that earlier game.

U6 The red & blue Bombers Coached by Kelli Bateman took on the red & white Cardinals Coached by Eric Loffer. The captains for the Bombers Saturday were Colby Davis, Jack Thomas, as the captains for the Cardinals were Wyatt Loffer, Ashley Flanagan. The game Saturday was about team work and showing the other team who can work together the best.

U8 The green & black Stingers Coached by John Gaebel took on the purple and white Hotshots Coached by Darenda Chester. The captains for the Stingers were Dalton Miller, Aaron Faith. Neither team having to worry about weather as it was a very cool and relaxing day for soccer.

U8 The Blue Bombers, coached by Robert Baker took on the Burg & white Sooners ,coached by Rebecca Bell. The captains for the Blue Bombers were Quanee Tripp, Amanda Devries. Both teams playing in mild weather just almost perfect for this soccer Saturday as both teams showed what they were maid out of.

U10B The crimson & crème Sooners ,coached by Chris McColley took on the red & white Roaddogs of Verdigris. The captains for the Sooners were Eric Shockley & Shawn Linville. I talked to Vicki 'the cheetahs coach who watched the game' after the game and she told me it was a ''heart pumping, wakeup game' as The Sooners sadly giving one to many goals and losing to Verdigris 2-1.

U12B The red & black Predators ,coached by Quinn Shaw took on Bartlesville on Saturday. This game was keeping everyone on the edge of their sets as Bartlesville scored in the first half ,and Collinsville came back and tied the game, which is how it ended 1-1.

U14B The Crimson Tide ,coached by Tony Shambrook took on Bartlesville on Saturday. The captains for the Crimson Tide were Mitchell Powell and Ben McKnight. Bartlesville coming into Collinsville and controlled the first half by scoring once. The second half Bartlesville scoring two more making 3-0 and finally when Collinsville found out how to score the game was over ,as Collinsville lost 3-1.

"Congratulations to the Collinsville Adrenaline Rush U16 girls team for taking 2nd place in the Chillfest Tournament, Oct. 8 & 9 at Tulsa United Soccer Club. On Saturday, their first game started with a loss to TUSC Vipers 3-0, but they came back on their 2nd game and beat Union Cosmos, 7-0 with 6 different girls scoring goals. On Sunday, they beat TUSC Blue Ice 1-0 and made it to the finals, where they again had to face TUSC Vipers for the Championship. It was a tough fought battle and at half time, Collinsville Rush was ahead 2-0. But the Vipers didn't slither away & the final score was in their favor 5-3. We are very proud of our girls for representing Collinsville so well in this state-known tournament. The players for the team are Emily Carothers, Heather Conyers, Hillary Conyers, Deanna Denton, Tara Inbody, Kayla Matlock, Brandy McCall, Jerica McColley, Sara McCutchan, Christina Murr, Kailiana Odom, Chellie Phillips, Adrian Reedy, Shanna Sharp, Courtney Tolleson, and Alex Atkinson."

-- Submitted by Ben McKnight