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Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative provides electrical service in Nowata, Osage, Rogers, Tulsa and Washington Counties.
Verdigris Valley operates as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, all monies in excess of the operating costs and expenses of providing electric power to its members are credited to a capital credit account for each member. The amount allocated to member's capital credit account is based on your annual electric usage.
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Movie Gallery Fund Raiser
Oct. 30, 2005
Fear Factor Fun?
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Fishy Ice Cream & Crunchy Crickets
Sardine flavored pistachio ice cream apparently goes down easier if you hold your nose? And catching the crickets is the limiting factor in how many you can eat in a short period. These are two of the lessons I learned while watching just two of the events at the Movie Gallery's "Fear Factor Event" Sunday to raise funds for charity. -- Ted