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Ted Wright -- last update 5/1/2005 (cvilleokstats2005April.html) Copyright 2005

14,086 Visits In April 2005
111,864 Total Visits in Past Year
(thru May 1, 2005 ~1pm)
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Feb. 4th

Note: I emphasize the "visits" instead of "hits" as that number more closely represents an individual visiting the site on any given 30 minute period. The hits are inflated because they count each file request which includes each different photo and text group on a page which could be a few hundred during a single visit.
-- Ted
Average 469 Visits per Day in April 2005 visits from
5557 Unique Visitor Sites in April
Over 5.1 Million Hits in Past Year

Just before end of April 2005 before partial May 2005 replaced full May 2004