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Arthor Jo Ann Vickers Wilburn
"Winds Of Change"
May 28, 2005
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Press Release For Former Collinsville Resident


Woman's Heart is not destroyed by the Winds of Change
JoAnn Vickers Wilburn explores life in Story and Song

Sonora, CA, April 11, 2005 - In Winds of Change (LadybugPress, 2005, $21.95), JoAnn Vickers Wilburn uses the wind as a metaphor and follows its capricious thread that runs through the fabric of a life and shapes it in unexpected ways. With vivid images, JoAnn draws us through life, from gentle breeze to violent storm, always capturing the changeability and diversity of human experience. To accent the immediacy of this story, she ends each chapter with a song which powerfully expresses the feelings she has described. The whole provides a stunning example of the power of the human voice in word and song. Entertainer and producer Brent Aitchison describes his reaction: "The entirety of Winds Of Change leaves you in the end feeling you have just been absorbed into someone's life. I found myself in the solitude of my den wanting to applaud out loud as if it were a live theatrical performance."

Winds of Change follows the story of Julie as she moves through a difficult childhood into a romantic marriage with her sweetheart, Bobby. A boy and a girl are born to complete the family, but soon problems develop as Bobby becomes alcoholic and violent. In her struggles to keep the marriage on an even keel Julie loses herself completely. Finally she gets a divorce, and, in spite of experiences of rejection and self-doubt, ends her story with the ringing affirmation: "Who's gonna love me? I am the one….I am the one!"

The story can have a lasting impact on anyone listening, especially those struggling with the effects of alcoholism and abuse. Monica Schmelter, Pastor at "Gateway of Hope" Church and Station Manager at WHTN in Nashville, says: "I've heard it said that change is inevitable but growth is optional. This book will bring about both change and growth in the most positive ways."

About JoAnn Vickers Wilburn:
JoAnn Vickers Wilburn is a writer and actor. She has recently moved to Branson, Missouri from Nashville, Tennessee. There she performed on stage, in commercials, music videos, industrials and films. She was an on-air personality and event emcee at WAMB radio.. Besides being spokesmodel for John Casablancas Modeling Studio, she has done public speaking, motivational seminars, voice-overs, historical character improvisation and storytelling.

JoAnn's fiction, non-fiction and poetry have appeared in San Juan City Magazine, Journal of Systems Management, Contact Magazine, the Little Peoples Press, Collinsville News and several poetry anthologies. Check to learn more about this talented writer and performer.

LadybugPress donates a portion of sales to the charity of the author's choice. Joann has chosen The Rape and Sexual Abuse Center in Nashville,TN (

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Dear Ted,

My name is JoAnn Vickers Wilburn and I am an author, actor and singer/songwriter who lived in the Collinsville area during most of my school years. I completed Middle School there, graduated from Collinsville High, and continued to live there for many years afterward. I wrote for the Collinsville News when I was in high school, when the paper was run by your family.

During the last ten years, in Nashville, I have made my living as an actor, a singer, a radio announcer/emcee, an acting teacher, and also as a public speaker, giving workshop style presentations in the public schools for improving self-image.

Now, I am living in Branson Missouri, and have recently written and recorded a dramatic audio book, which has just been released by Ladybug Press. "Winds of Change" is an interweaving of stories and songs, which deal with a relationship as it moves through changes -- from a fairy tale beginning through the nightmare of abuse and betrayal to a new understanding and a new beginning. Each story is followed by a song, which adds to and reinforces its main idea. These original songs were recorded in Nashville, produced by Dan Wilburn, a producer with gold and platinum record credits. Ladybug Press donates a portion of sales to a charity of the author’s choice. I have chosen the “Rape and Sexual Abuse Center.”

This book deals with a real situation that clearly shows the how and why behind the main character’s wrong decisions, and could possibly provide the listener with the insight needed to make a better life choice.


JoAnn Vickers Wilburn