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Collinsville Family Pharmacy

Pharmacists: Tharyn Nachtigall & Sherri Clark

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Collinsville (OK) Before & After
Mystery #9
March 9, 2005
Match Related Photos
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Match up related lettered and numbered photos
(i.e a photo from the yellow column with a photo in the red column) and email to Ted Wright (3/9). For example: A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5 (none of which are correct answers). [Susan Catlett, "Mystery Man" and Ralph Parker have answered correctly] -3/14

Answers: I've had three correct answers now so will supply more info. -- Ted 3/14/2005

(A) Crocker's Garage in 1949 is where (4) Cheri's Donut shop resides today at 9th & Main.

(B) The NuShow Movie Theatre was in the same building that houses (3) Trinity Faith Church today (1107 W. Main).

(C) OK Food Market was operated by (5) Bob Bonebrake's parents.

(D) The Collinsville High School band room [which used to sit where the middle school gym sits today at 14th & Center] was moved and became part of (2) Fugate Trucking near the alley on 10th between Main & Broadway.

(E) The Chevrolet Dealership & Garage at 12 & Main [behind the band in this 1963 photo] was at the same location as the (1) Family Pharmacy today.