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Meadowcreek United Methodist Church
Minister Change
March 27, 2005
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Rev. Larry Wilson
Reassigned to Edmond

By June 12th

Rev. Larry Wilson shared the following letter with members of his Collinsville church last week:

March 17, 2005

Dear Friends,

I write this letter in heartfelt appreciation for the eleven years we have spent together in ministry. I need to share with you that I have been appointed by Bishop Hayes and the Cabinet to serve at Quail Springs United Methodist Church. My family will be moving to Edmond after Annual Conference and will begin ministry there on June 12th of this year. There is so much that I need to say to so many of you. In many cases, words would hardly do. I have grown up as a pastor in your midst, and I will be eternally grateful for the gift that it has been to be in ministry with you. Over these years, we have accomplished so much together. God has truly blessed us. Your dedication, love and leadership has always been amazing. It has been a blessing for me to be your pastor, and I hope I have been a blessing for you and your family. Please hold my family in your prayers in the coming weeks as we prepare for this transition.

Eleven years ago, God sent me to Collinsville to be your pastor. I know that God is preparing someone to come to Meadowcreek at this time. I can only hope that you will receive your new pastor with the same love and support that you have given me. I look forward to spending time with each of you before my appointment in Edmond begins in June.

grace & peace,
Rev. Larry D. Wilson

Rev. Larry Wilson
Carman Wilson
Larry with sons Josh and Zac
Rev. Wilson with the congregation of Meadowcreek United Methodist Church during the dedication of their new building in Nov. 2003.
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