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Eastside Baptist Change
July 12, 2005
Letter From Pastor Roger Brumley
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Brumleys Have Been
Here Over 12 Years

How do you say “Thank You” to a church and to a community? My family and I moved to Collinsville over 12 years ago in April of 1993. I have been the pastor of Eastside Baptist Church since that date. My children; Berrik, Cody, and Keeva, have grown up at Eastside and in Collinsville. My wife, Pam, has been a part of the School System for 12 years. These years have been wonderful. Yet, now it is time to say goodbye. July 17th will be my last Sunday at Eastside. The church is wonderful and things are great, but God says it is time for my wife and me to seek out a new area of ministry.

Over the last few months God has been stirring Pam and my hearts. We both made adjustments to our ministry and life, yet this is not all God wanted. Two weeks ago God impressed on us that it was time to leave Eastside. We knew this was coming, yet we thought we would know where we were to go next. That is not always how God works. God basically said, “I won’t show you where you are going, until you let go of where you are.” We do not know if we will be going over seas, starting a new work in a pioneer area, going to Collegiate Ministry, or going to back to school for another Masters Degree and be licensed as a Marriage and Family Counselor. It could be any of these. All we know is that we are to take the First Step and leave Eastside to prepare for a new future ministry.

Eastside is a great church. They are more than friends, they are family. I will miss them and all my friends in this community. Thank You Eastside and Thank You Collinsville!!

In Christ’s Service
Pastor Roger Brumley
Eastside Baptist Church

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