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Collinsville, Oklahoma

City Commission Meeting
for Jan. 3, 2005 Meet
Certified Local Government Report
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The Collinsville City Commission will met Monday, Jan. 3rd
at 7pm (at the City Hall Annex, 1126 West Main) for the regular meeting of the Municipal Authority and Commission with the Mayor, all commissioners, and new City Manager Jim Whitlock present.

Bob Wolfram (center) gave his final report as acting city manager with City Attorney Ken Underwood and new City Manager Jim Whitlock to his left and Commissioners Brad Overholt and Melodie Bateman to his right.


III. CONSENT: All matters under "Consent" are considered by the City Commission to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. Any Commissioner may, however, remove an item from consent by request.
1. Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville City Commission Regular Meeting of December 20, 2004.
2. Approval of disbursements and payroll.
3. Cemetery Deeds: Mike Worstell

-- Approved (Sample of some of the larger expenditures: $2955 to RCB Bank on Fire Engine #3, and $1800 to Oklahoma Criminal Justice for annual cost. Total General fund expenditure was $16,023.27 and payroll #2 for Dec. 2004 was $28,188.80.)


1. Renie Doherty, Collinsville Main Street Coordinator, will present an overview of the CLG or Certified Local Government Process as outlined at the CLG Conference recently held in Oklahoma City. For informational purposes only - no action is being requested.

Renie Doherty (right) addressed the city commission about the benefits of establishing a Certified Local Government (with historic preservation as it's primary objective) to facilitate establishing Collinsville's downtown as an Historic District on the National Register. The commission directed City Manager Jim Whitlock to investigate the status of a similar effort a few years back with the State's Historic Preservation Office before deciding on a new effort. Mayor Stan Sallee, City Clerk
Karen Randell-Clark, Vice Mayor Gail Rogers, Commissioner Pam Porter listen (above) at the main table with Bob Wolfram and Jim Whitlock in the fore ground.

2. Discussion and possible approval of cemetery title transfer/assignment request from Virginia Flamming pertaining to the property located in Ridgelawn East Cemetery Lot 20, Block 5, Gravesite 5, City of Collinsville. The commission approved a quick claim release on a 1/2 plot belonging to Just family heirs. City Attorney Underwood indicated the technically appropriate action of a probate process (costing at least $1000) was not likely for a plot which was purchased for about $67 in the 1940s. Affidavits signed by Betty Smith & Dorthy Duncan relinquished any claim to their father Ed Just's plot.

3. Consideration and possible acceptance of a Deed of Dedication of a 17.5 foot easement within Lot 5, Block 20, Original town addition, from Smalygo Properties, for sanitary sewer for new home construction related to CLS-157, approved by Planning Commission on December 16, 2004. Approved -- this is for a split of a lot at Walnut & 6th Street.


Consideration and possible action to go into Executive Session to discuss and possibly take action on the following:

Confidential communication with City Attorney regarding pending investigations, proceedings, claims and litigation as allowed by O.S. 25, 307 (b) (4).

· Tort Claim- Debra Shepherd (claim denied)
· Tort Claim- Dale Gross (no action)
· Tort Claim- James Fugate (claim denied)

Collinsville Municipal Authority (Agenda):

IV. CONSENT: All matters under "Consent" are considered by the Authority to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. Any Trustee may, however, remove an item from consent by request.
a) Approval of Minutes of the Collinsville Municipal Authority Regular Meeting of December 20, 2004.
b) Approval of disbursements and payroll.
-- Approved (Sample of some of the larger expenditures: $95,902 to GRDA for wholesale electricity for Dec 2004. Total CMA expenditures were $119, 260.57.


1. City Manager Report.
Bob Wolfram (see photo above) reported 8.89 tons of trash were collected during the 3 collection days following Christmas. He also indicated Subway will soon start the process for their new building behind the existing Subway at 7th and Main.

Wolfram also mentioned the work on City Hall had freed up brick for rebuilding the front wall that fell in March 2002. Bricks and other construction material will likely cause 12th Street (beside City Hall between Main and the alley) to be closed during some of the construction phase as the Fire/EMS construction (by another contractor) was still in progress also.

-- Ted Wright 1/4/2005's
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Jim Whitlock Starts As New Collinsville City Manager