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Jan. 26, 2005
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Boy Scout Troop 53
Tours Newspaper Museum
These boys (& others not in the photograph) toured the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville Wednesday Jan. 26, 2005. Some of the names from the guest book (including some parents & friends) are Colton, Suzie, Hayden, Ryan, Brenda, Chris, Leonnor, Billie, Jonathan, Matthew, Steven, Nic, Timmy and Erica.
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Library Needs Feedback
The Tulsa City-County Library has launched a drive to ask customers of the Library to tell us why you think our election failed, what services you use and to ask you if you would be willing to help us with a renewed effort.

It is absolutely critical to gather input from our users for three major reasons.

A. We want your opinions about why the community did not support the Library issues on Dec. 14. It is essential to have this information as a beginning point for any new effort.

B. We want to know what services you use, and how often you use them so that we better understand how resources should be allocated, and to know that we are … or … are not fulfilling you needs,

C. And, as important if not more so, we want you to help us to understand our community better, to participate in focus group and related sessions, and to help us carry the banner for a renewed election effort.

We need as many completed surveys as we can get. We need them whether you voted for or against the issue.

I have the surveys on the circ desk in the library, I will bring them to group meetings or mail you one if you cannot make it to the library. Your opinions are very important to us. I appreciate your help with this project.

Your Librarian, Susan Babbitt

With a few days left in January 2005, this month already has the 2nd highest visit total (9786 total through 7pm Jan 25th) for cvilleok.com. January's daily visit average (391 visits per day) so far is ahead of last month which finished with an average of 351 visits per day and a total of 10,936 visits for the entire month.
Connie Goad says NEO's softball play begins Feb. 1st. Biscuit (Chasity Austin) has been putting in long hours of practice in the past few weeks regardless of the weather.
Presidential Inaguration
2005 Online

A sample of the many interesting links found this weekend in a "Collinsville Okla" search on the internet. -- Ted Wright
The new location for the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation is at 1323. W. Broadway in Collinsville.
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Collinsville Mystery Photo #1
Just for fun now ... email wrightted@aol.com if you know where this photo was taken in Collinsville, Oklahoma. (If some business or organization would like to sponsor a similar contest with prizes ... contact Ted)
Doug Wakefield & Susan Catlett have already correctly identified the location. -- Ted 1/27