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Jan. 18, 2005
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Space Probe Lands On Saturn's Moon

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All-State Chorus (High School)
Natile Humble
Kristen Slocum
Josh Buchfink
All-State Chorus (Junior High)
Jerica McColly
Stephanie Williams
Linzy Curtis
Colton Scott
Evan Grider
Presidential Inauguration 2005

U.S. President George W. Bush will be sworn in Thursday 11am Jan. 20, 2005 at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., for his second term. (More Info)

This photo of then Texas Governor Bush was taken by Ted Wright Sept. 7, 1998 in Garland, Texas.

A European space probe landed on Saturn's moon Titan Jan. 14, 2005 after a 7 year journey. The Huygens Probe was the first man-made object to land on a moon other than our own earth's. The craft has returned photos and data which scientist continue to examine.

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Students of Coach Ryan Christian at Collinsville High School have some fun and exercise with an oversized volleyball Jan. 13th.
Pastor Danny Stanley of Trinity Faith Church was scheduled for heart bypass surgery this week.