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Collinsville Tri County Fair
August 18, 2005 (Page 2 of 12)
60 Years of Fair Board Members Honored
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Only Three Treasurers in 60 Years: Kay Bayouth + Tharyn Nachtigall + Susan Worstell

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Current members of the Collinville Tr-County Fair Board joined with many of the past fair board members Thursday at a reception to honor them for their service over the past 60 years. The photo(s) below shows a 1970 meeting of the fair board at the former City Cafe on Main St.
Tharyn Nachtigall was too late for the 2005 group photo above but visited with Kay Bayouth. Kay was the treasurer for the fair board for the first 37 years and Tharyn held the job for about the next twenty. Susan Worstell just recently stepped into the role replacing Tharyn and said she has no plans to keep the job as long as Kay or Tharyn did. New officers will be elected soon. If you are interested in helping to keep this unique bit of community history alive please contact a fair board member as they always need volunteers.
While the fair board celebrated sixty years of the fair, these ladies enjoyed an old fashioned game of dominios at the Veterans Building.
Current and past fair board members enjoyed cake and punch while trading stories about past fairs and how things have changed since Collinsville was "Dairy Capital of Oklahoma" ... how Snooks Bayouth picked the "prettiest cow" in 1960 to help his 4-H team win the first trophy for the new Wilson Elementary school ... how kids used to bring their animals and campout for 3 days in the fair barn ... climbing the greased pole for the $5 on top ... over 500 dairy goats one year in the 1970s ... frozen pipes in winter after someone forgot to shut off the water ... etc.
(L-R) Seated:
Pat Graham,
Deb Lutz,
Susan Worstell, Sam Weygandt and Marie Gillespie. Standing:
Gerald Branen, Steve Branen,
Betty Jo Heinrichs, Ernest Smalygo, Kay Bayouth,
John Wolfe,
Bud McAfee,
Adam Sallee,
Joe Sholders,
Bill Holman,
John Anderson, Carolyn Smith and Ellis Holly.

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