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Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 28-29, 2005
Miscellaneous News
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This home in the 1300 Block of Center St. (just south of the Baptist Church) appears to be on it's way elsewhere soon.
No houses moving in this one ... but the amount of construction debris in the front yard of Ray and Peggy Henshall appears to be diminishing. With the new middle school nearing completion and Center Street paving planned soon, the view out their front window will be much more pleasant.
This home (facing Broadway in the 1200 block and formerly used by the Collinsville Ambulance folks) will soon be moved to provide additional parking spaces for the Fire/EMS & City Hall complex just across the alley.
Monday August 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina hit land again near New Orleans early today as a category 4 causing heavy wind damage and flooding.
Friday 1pm Aug. 26 Update: Emilys says it was a lot stronger than she expected with trees down everywhere on campus. They got 8-14 inches of driving rain that was coming in through their dorm windows. They lost power for about 15 minutes. She said she is OK and felt safe in the dorms. -- Ted

Emily sent me these photos after Katrina had passed her campus in Coral Gables:

That's Emily's red Blazer parked under a big tree that fortunately remained intact through the hurricane. She said it was "only a tropical storm" when she parked, but agreed the covered parking garage would be a better choice next time. -- Ted
Thursday Aug. 25th 4:30pm: Daughter Emily called to tell me the Univ. of Miami was in the direct path of Hurricane Katrina but that it was only a category 1. She said classes were cancelled for Friday and campus was boarded up. The concern is more with flooding than winds with this hurricane. -- Ted
With a few days still remaining in August (1am 8/28) there have been over 15,400 visits to this month making it the most visited month so far. -- Thank You! -- Ted