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2005 Library Gala
August 13, 2005 (Page 2)
Blue Hawaii: Laua / Hula / Elvis
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Friends Of The
Collinsville Library

Annual Event / Fund Raiser

Susan Babbitt Helped Elvis out with one of his songs Saturday night at the Library's annual gala.
Every year since the Collinsville Carnige Library was remodeled and reopened in 2000, the Friends of the Library (FOCL) have had a gala. Just as the final guests were arriving (about 7pm Saturday) a gust front blew through town followed by some much needed rain. The entertainment had to be moved indoors but everyone adapted well and the event was a big success with excellent food, entertainment and funds for Library programs. FOCL President Joy Rice was the event organizer but had many volunteers to help with the preparation and event staffing. -- Ted
Chocolate Bakeoff August 20th