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Collinsville Past Comparison
1981 Re-Visited + Misc. News
April 6, 2005
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1981: Hogan, Pope & President Shot /
Reeder Playing CHS Baseball /
Band "Disturbing the Peace" /
2005 Valedictorians Named

The capture of Randolph Dial in Texas this week (more than 10 years after disappearing from an Oklahoma prison with the warden's wife) had me looking in 1981 archives for the death of a Collinsville schoolmate. Dial was convicted years later for the 1981 death of Kelly Hogan (a 1971 Collinsville High School graduate). While in the 1981 archive copies of the Collinsville News I found several other stories (below) that are also of interest today. -- Ted Wright 4-6-2005
(Temporary link to Yahoo/AP Story story on Dial's capture).
Obviously the Pope survived this 1981 attack as he died earlier this week of natural causes: Pope John Paul II died Saturday April 2nd, 2005, at age 84. His funeral will be Friday April 8th.
I assume the 1981 Cardinal baseball catcher below is the same Tony Reeder that coaches the Cardinal baseball team now. 1981 Card baseball coach Pat Herald is our superintendent of schools now-- Ted
President Ronald Reagan also survived his 1981 gun shots and died of natural causes last year (June 2004). A story on the same Collinsville News front page details plans for the band's trip to Alanta for the "Six Flags Over Georgia Band Festival". Another October 1981 news story had the CHS band in trouble for "disturbing the peace" with their 7am practices in the city park. The complaint was later dropped.
Has nothing to do with 1981 but noticed my digital camera image counter reached 9000 today. I got my new Kodak camera back in October and greatly improved the quality of photos on this web site.
-- Ted 4-6-2005
I haven't had a chance to update stats for the web site since January ... but the visits have remained over 12,000 for both Feb & Mar. 2005.
Work continues on the 2005 CHS Graduate pages.
I received the valedictorian list today. Congratulations to J.T. Coggins, Emilee Dutton, Heather Horn, Shannon Slagle and Brett Smith. And congratulations to salutatorian P.J. Robinson also. When I have the grad pages finished, students graduating with distinction and honors will also be noted. -- Ted Wright