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Special Olympics
March 30 , 2004
Collinsville Athletes Will Participate in April & May Events
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Ten Collinsville students are preparing to participate in upcoming Special Olympics activities. Regional events will be held at East Central High School on April 3rd. State competition will be held at OSU in Stillwater on May 12, 13 and 14th.

The athletes are: (Wilson Elementary) Bridgitte Varner; (Herald Elementary) Nick Frazee, Dillion Moore, Richard Clapp, Haley Blue, and Tony Rodrock; (Middle School) Thomas Williams; (High School) Cody Bitner, Ayla Richards, and Sammy Wray.

Head Coach Dawn Dipley is assisted by LeAnn Due, Nancy Dearman, Terry Turnage, Dena Spencer, and LeAnn Smith.

The Collinsville Middle School Student Council (STUCO) will be mentoring/coaching with athletes in Stillwater. Susie Vaughn is the STUCO sponser for the middle school. STUCO members going are Joy Hannah Monroe-Stewart, Lanie Dipley, Amy Garrett, Kaleb Hamilton, Cassie Smith, Brittany Scott, Maci Sink, Josh Loftin, and Rachel Pitts. STUCO parent Cheryl Sink will accompany Mrs. Vaughn to assist. High School student Jayme Howard will attend to assist as well.

Practice times are MWF 12:30 PM to 2:00, at the high school football field.

(Infomation provided by Dawn Dimpley)

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