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News Release
Feb. 9, 2004

From the Collinsville Public Schools
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Collinsville Public Schools will be teaching the State Mandated AIDS PREVENTION EDUCATION and SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE PREVENTION CURRICULA to the 7th and 10th grade students. Dena Spencer R.N. will present the program for 10th grade students, and Connie Bettega R.N. will present the 7th grade program. Parents may attend a presentation of the curricula, which will be used for this year's PREVENTION program on March 2, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the Wilson Cafeteria at Wilson Elementary.

The PREVENTION curricula for 7th grade will be available for parents to view at the Health Office at Wilson Elementary, 402 N. 17th, and the 10th grade curricula will be available at Herald Elementary, 12818 N. 129th E. Ave. from 8:30 to 3:30 Monday through Friday between 3/3/04 and 4/9/04. The Wilson Health Office phone number is 371-4125, and the Health Office at Herald is 371-1773. You may call and make an appointment to view these materials.

No student shall be required to participate in AIDS or S.T.D. Prevention Education if a parent or guardian of the student objects in writing to such participation. Parents who DO NOT want their children (seventh or tenth grade) to receive these PREVENTION programs this year are required to send a letter to the school before April 2, 2004, at this address: School Health Office, c/o Mr. Pat Herald, Superintendent of Schools, 402 N. 17th, Collinsville, OK. 74021. This request must be made in writing in order to satisfy the requirements of the State of Oklahoma.

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