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Dec. 23, 2004
Space Station Visible /
The Real Howard Hughes /
Presidential Second Term
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-- Ted Wright 12-23-2004
Weather permitting, NASA says the International Space Station should be visible periodically during the holidays from the continental United States. I'm sure it will be cold and only last a few minutes on the specified days, but this looked interesting. -- Ted
Howard Hughes was front page news in Collinsville, Oklahoma, in January 1937 with another of his air plane speed records. He flew from California to New Jersey in under 8 hours. Another article in "The Collinsville News" just a few weeks later gave the flight time for someone flying to a Collinsville funeral (from California) at 10 hours. Howard Hughes is in the news again today (Dec. 2004) with the new movie release called "The Aviator". (More Howard Hughes Info)
The ad below (from the same issue of "The Collinsville News" in 1937) shows the style of washing machines sold at Jones Hardware in Collinsville during that period.
Collinsville was also seeing news of President Franklin Roosevelt starting his second term as United States President in 1937. We will see President George W. Bush begin his second term in 2005.