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From January 1957 Archives of
"The Collinsville News"
Dec. 11, 2004
Plane Crash Near Owasso
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Following the small plane crash earlier this week (Dec. 8, 2004, near 86th St. North and Memorial, west of Owasso) where the pilot walked away with only minor injuries ...
I began trying to locate the story to go with the photos you see on this page. I had scanned the original photos from the "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville" archives into my computer within the past 2 years but did not have a newspaper date to go with them. I asked several "oldtimers" including my Uncle Bill Wright if they knew when the older crash had occurred. Bill emailed back that he had taken the photos and gave me a range of dates to check. I finally located the story today from the Jan. 10, 1957 "The Collinsville News". I don't know how close the two crash sites are that occurred almost 47 years apart. There was a fatality in the 1957 crash on an Owasso hillside. Bill Wright now lives in Tulsa but in 1957 was partners with my Dad at "The Collinsville News". Bill was later editor of "The Skiatook News" for several years also.
-- Ted Wright --www.cvilleok.com 12-12-2004
Comparison From The Past

I also spoke this week with Bill Thomas of Collinsville who told me he was an American Airlines employee when the crash occurred and recalled the plane when it was moved to the hanger for repair. I was only about 5 1/2 years old my self so don't recall the event other than seeing the photos and news stories.
-- Ted Wright 12-12-2004

I may later add something to this web site with archive info on the B-52 crash near Skiatook that also occurred in the 1950s.

The cutline from another photo in the 1957 Collinsville newspaper indicated the plane crashed on a Sunday making it's final approach to Tulsa Municipal Airport in the fog when it hit this Owasso (Oklahoma) hillside instead. Back at this time "The Collinsville News" carried Owasso news items as Owasso was much smaller and did not have it's own newspaper. -- Ted