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Collinsville Girl Swims With The Fish
August 2, 2004
Emily Wright Has Been Summer Intern At Oklahoma Aquarium
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Returns To Florida Soon For
Sophomore Year at
University of Miami

2003 Collinsville High School graduate, Emily Wright, has spent 2 days a week this summer as an unpaid intern at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. Emily has occasionally been "on display" along with the fish in the "Coral Reef" exhibit as she dives to help feed individual fish and clean the inside of their tanks. Most of her time has been spent learning/helping the biology staff maintain the equipment, water chemistry/level/temperature, and preparing food for the warm water fish.
Studying Marine Biology

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Emily Wright is seen (above) hand feeding fish in this tank.
One of the more "entertaining" parts of the dives into the "Coral Reefs" tanks is dealing with the selfish puffer fish who thinks all the food belongs to him. On this particular dive (above) he stole all the food Emily had tried to feed to the eel.
Emily also took 6 hours at Tulsa Community College this summer while home from college at Coral Gables.
Oklahoma Aquarium