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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Animal Shelter Friends Organize

Aug. 6, 2004

The Friends of the Collinsville Animal Shelter held a meeting July 27th, 2004 and elected the following officers:

Mrs. Marlene Spicer - Pres.
Mr. Matt Babbit - V.P.
Mrs. Donna Alcorn - Treasurer
Mrs. Marie Johnson - Sec.

The group has already had some fund raiser activities, as well as pursuing grants. That process has already yielded a check for $2500 recently from a group in California.

Check the monthly events calendar for future meetings as they are announced.

According to City Manager Mike Tinker, a local builder/developer has discussed donating / designing / building a new larger animal shelter. Mike indicated that process was just in early talking phase now. The location of the potential new facility has not yet been determined. Police Chief Charlie Annis showed some preliminary plans at the Friends of the Shelter meeting on July 27th. A portion of those plans are shown below.
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For more information about the shelter and current animals, link to the Collinsville Animal Shelter page on Officer Bryan Barnett indicated that guidelines require them to hold captured animals for three days, but he typically hold them for five and he lists them on the website above. You can also go directly to and enter zip code and animal type for a list of animals for adoption (or return to owner). Officer Barnett said he hoped to have a booth set up during Founder's Day to provide more information to the public.

Collinsville Animal Control Officer Bryan Barnett, is shown inside the cramped quarters of the old cinder block structure at the city storage yard near 5th and Broadway.
The animal cages extend beyond the back of the existing animal shelter to give the larger animals more room and fresh air.
Collinsville Police Chief Charlie Annis greets a trio of kittens at the shelter Friday August 6th. The Chief indicated the city does the best they can with the existing facility, but would sure welcome an improved facility. He gave Vera and Sperry as examples of communities that did not have shelters and occasionally call on Collinsville to help out with their animal storage.